Cloud technology is to keep all your applications,programs and datas in a virtual server , “the cloud” and to easily reach these datas, programs easily in any environment on the internet with your devices. NGDatacenter uses OpenStack structure which is common worldwide.
Unlimited Resources!
In cloud structures, there is no hardware limit unlike the physical servers. A single cloud server may have as much CPU,Ram or HDD as you wish. Since it has limitless sources, cloud structure usage is increasing in the whole world. If you want to have a cloud structure, you can fill the request form on the right.
%99 Uptime Guarantee
NGDatacenter develops its infrastructure simultanously with the developping technology by using the last worldwide technology server and firewall hardwares in its datacenters and updating these hardwares all the time. Thanks to these infrastructure preparations, we guarantee 99% uptime in our datacenters.

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